How can you view private Instagram accounts?

The idea of wanting to view someone’s private Instagram account without sending a request sounds sinister. The reason for that is the easiest route is sending a request, and once accepted the person’s account is no longer private to you. That allows you to view their content, all the way to their first post.

If you are don’t want them to know you went that far back, you have to ensure that you don’t double tap on super old photos, otherwise, you might look like a stalker. There are however those who would be flattered by your interest in them. You only have to know the person to understand how they’ll react. Either way, who wouldn’t like more likes on their photos?

Now let’s get to the reason why you are here; you want to view someone’s private Instagram account without sending a request or the person knowing you are. One aspect to first understand is Instagram privacy protections are strong. That means you are safe from stalkers or exes that might choose to harass you, or even potential future employers. That means that whatever you post is only viewed by those you allow, and not the whole globe. If you are a celebrity or budding influencer, then your account will likely be public.

Let’s look at ways to view someone’s private account secretly.

How to view private Instagram profiles

Here, we discuss four ways you can go about seeing someone’s private Instagram account.

1. Send a follow request

Though we’ve discussed this in the intro, sending a follow request is the easiest way to get access to someone’s private Instagram account. If you’re requesting someone who knows you, they’ll have no problem accepting your request. For strangers, it’s somewhat different. The person might choose to check out your profile if it’s public to see what kind of photos you post before accepting the request.

Others are freer with their life even though their account is private. They are okay accepting the follow request from strangers to build up their following. Another route to take is sending a direct message explaining to the person why you would like your request accepted. Did you catch their name at a meet up where there were some strangers, and you’d like to get to know them? Don’t be sneaky; people want to know the real you. It makes it easier for you to enter their online world.

Do however note that some people are not as active on Instagram and your request might remain in their Follow Request tab for a few days or weeks before you’re let in. Whatever happens, this is the approach we recommend that you use to view private Instagram accounts.

2. Create a fake account

Here is where you get sneaky. It is likely that if you are getting to these lengths, you don’t want the person to know it is you. It doesn’t indeed have to be as dramatic as wanting to still be in your ex’s life. You could be an HR manager wanting to know what potential candidates for a position in your company are like during their downtime. This route is not recommended because there is deception attached to it. However, desperate times do sometimes call for extreme measures.

Once you created the profile, you can go ahead and send a follow request. If account holder is not rigid when it comes to who can follow them, you can view their private Instagram account. We don’t advocate for catfishing, but that is how people create fake identities and lead the person they are following to think they are someone else. It goes without saying; this is against ethics, and someone’s right to their privacy.

If you’re up for this route, note that most people opt to put a female’s image (could be from Google or any free stock photo site). They follow that with a lively and attractive bio and then proceed to make the account private. That way, the person you wish to follow would be curious about who this interesting woman is and want to accept the follow and even follow back. Should that not work, slide into their DM and bait them, so they approve.

3. Opt for Instagram profile viewer tools

People understand that there is a market for applications where people can view private Instagram accounts. It is how we now have Instagram viewer tools that call themselves Instagram private viewer. However, you as the user ought to be warned. You might be able to get access to that private account, but if you settle for the wrong tool, you’ll find that your personal information has fallen into the wrong hands.

Those available are Private Insta, Insta DP, Insta Spy, Insta Looker, and Watch Insta. The Instagram viewer tools available do ask for your username, and once you’re in, you can choose to view the pictures or even download them. Those who want this route are better off using a fake Instagram account to avoid compromising their personal information or security. If they do ask for additional information, choose not to engage and work with the Instagram private viewer at a basic level.

4. Ask a friend already following the account for a peek

If you find the last three ideas extreme, then there’s always asking for a helping hand from a friend who already has access to their private account. That will help you quench your satisfaction without having to go through hoops to see what the person is posting. Asking your friend if you can view a person’s account through their app is still somewhat sneaky, but you’ll at least get to know what caption your ex put before they cut their hair or took a trip to Bali.

Final thoughts

Humans tend to be curious and attracted to things they don’t have direct access to. Whatever route you take to get what you want, we suggest you take the ethical way to avoid getting yourself into unnecessary trouble. Sometimes, however, the advice ‘live and let leave’ is a good one too.

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