Who can view private Instagram accounts?

The question of who can access your private account on Instagram is slowly tending to ‘everyone’ with the introduction of new private Instagram viewer tools in the market. Some are free, and some require you to pay a few dollars- or a lot of you want VIP treatment. There are tons of reasons why there is increased interest in viewing private Instagram accounts without being a follower

What does a private Instagram account mean?

Similar to Facebook, some people use social media account to keep in touch with friends and family dotted in different states or countries around the world. That means that they have private accounts and scrutinize new requests, only accepting applications from people they know, acquaintances included.

The same applies to Instagram. There is an allure with private accounts that make people wonder, “What are you hiding from the public?” Before we get to answer that, we have to look at what it means to have a private Instagram account. Instagram has laws of privacy that allows users to make their accounts public or private.

When an account is on private, it means that people who don’t follow you cannot view your account without your approval. That approval is usually granted by the holder of the account on whether to allow a follow. They have the option of declining. In such a case it means that only followers can view a person’s private account and get to see the photos and stories they post.

If you are worried about whether your account is public or private, take a moment to check your privacy settings. From there you can set it accordingly. People who consider themselves open books or have some or a lot of influence in the public sphere tend to keep their accounts private. However, not everyone thinks that way.

Reasons why people keep their private Instagram, accounts private

Some account owners have found that to get followers, they need to set their account settings as private even though they accept follows from anyone. That sort of approach is apparent when someone sends you an image or video in their direct messages, but there’s a disclaimer. You cannot view that content because the account is private. When it happens more than twice, your curiosity gets the best of you, and you send a follow request.

Once accepted you can, of course, view the content, but for the account owner, that means one more follower. Such an approach steadily increases a person’s followers. This approach is common with meme accounts; we all love a good meme and don’t mind going the extra mile for a laugh or shareable content.

As indicated earlier, for others it is a matter of privacy. They don’ want all their business all out in the streets. Their lives are out of prying eyes, including exes, stalkers and potential employers that might judge your work ethics based on the much fun they have. Additionally, others are settling for private accounts because they want the freedom to remove someone from their follow list who they either fell out with or are proving to be bothersome or disrespectful. It puts you in control of who you interact with and who you share your life with.

People who can view private accounts

By now we have established that the Instagram account owner is in charge of who gets to see their photos and stories. Unfortunately, there are ways in which power can get taken out of their hands. It is through what some term as unethical approaches. For them, the end does not indeed justify the means. Others find their need to view private accounts without taking the traditional route justifiable.

One way they do that is through Instagram viewer tools. There are private Instagram viewer apps available in the market, both free and paid, that people use to view private Instagram accounts. Some are trusted (despite the behavior they are promoting), and others are scams that are out to steal their users’ personal information. Be wary of accounts that ask you to take servers as that’s how they gain access to your personal information. It is worth noting that with all these private Instagram viewer apps, you have to enter your user account.

Pro tip: If you are to use these Instagram viewer tools, create a fake account, so you don’t have to stress over your personal information.

Purpose of Instagram viewer tools

Apart from viewing private accounts, there is more that a person can get out of these apps. Can save or even steal someone’s photos to create a fake online persona for various reasons. It is not uncommon to hear celebrities or influencers pointing a light on counterfeit accounts impersonating them. It is often that the people behind these accounts are scamming people by asking them to fund non-existent charities or purchase merchandise that doesn’t exist.

Moving away from these extreme examples, for others, the reason to view private Instagram accounts is simpler. They are curious about what their kids are posting on social media. Others want to see what their former lovers are up to. The increasing nature of online searches online lets us know that people are currently curious to know what is behind private accounts. Others want access back in once they have been locked out.

Are they worth it?

With these Instagram viewer apps that promise to gain you access to private account are never really free. Even though some claim they are, you’ll end up losing something in return. That will either be your privacy or a few dollars when you realized you’d been scammed. An example is when you provide your phone number, and you ended up getting a higher phone bill as a result of signing up for the private account viewer.

The best route is to shoot your shot and send that friend request. If they take too long to accept, you can follow up with a direct message expressing your genuine interest in why they should approve your follow request. In some cases though, it is best to let go of your curiosity.

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